100 posts!!

A traditional 100th blog post comes with a giveaway.
Well, this WILL be a giveaway …. but with a difference.

I have signed up in recent months for 3 ‘Pay It Forward’s:

Which means I am supposed to offer handmade gifts to NINE lovely readers.

Here is the deal ….. the first 9 commenters will receive a handmade item from me within the next 365 days.
In turn, you must each commit to offering a ‘Pay It Forward’ on your own blog to 3 other people who must then offer to 3 others, etc.

Please do NOT leave a comment if you are not willing to follow through with this.

Also, please make sure I have some way of contacting you.

And just because I can’t leave a post without some photos, here is the cushion I made for Ella’s kinder teacher Peter who left her child care centre last week.

Apparently, the only colours he uses in his furnishings at home are: white, cream and occasionally off-white. Hard work!!

Have a stitchin’ week!

Andi 🙂

EDIT 9/11/09: One more spot available. One of the first nine commenters was not signing up for the PIF!!


Little girls and boys

My little girl:

And a little boy’s quilt top to go with this one:

They are a commission for twin boys born recently at only 30 weeks gestation.

Much loved little miracles.

Andi 🙂

PS: Next post will be my 100th. You know what that means!!!

Meeting and stitching

Had a great time stitching and catching up at Perle’s last night.

And today, I was lucky enough to meet Jo and her ‘not usually so shy’ Ollie.
He was very sweet!!! Jo wasn’t so bad either 😉

I am so enjoying getting to know local bloggers with obsessions to match my own!!

Some stitching also …

Have a great weekend.

Andi 🙂

Winners all ’round

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel from Kate after I won her giveaway over at Fox’s Lane.
It’s ironic because Kate and I grew up together, grew apart in recent years and have reconnected via our craft blogs.

Here’s what I received:

  • A copy of her mum’s new book
  • A gorgeous crocheted (by Kate) flower brooch (that I have had to fight Ella for)
  • T-shirts for each of the kids screen printed by Kate
  • A cup cake tote bag for treasures

Here I am enjoying my brooch in the lovely Melbourne sunshine (welcome back Spring!!)

And here are some terrible shots of my kids in their t-shirts:

Ella is TOTALLY channelling Joe Cocker.

Separated at birth? Maybe!

In other news, I have finally finished the tote bag promised for my giveaway winner, blogless Jane. Jane asked for pinks and aquas but expressed a dislike for floral prints so I have gone for more geometric looking fabrics.

Fabrics are: Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks collection; Cathedral in Peony and Amy Butler’s Love collection; Sunspots in Turquoise.

I hope she likes it. But I could easily be tempted to hang on to it myself. (Only joking Jane)

Enjoy the sunshine.

Andi 🙂

Cush Cush

On our recent trip to Noosa, I visited the Eumundi Markets where I bought, amongst other things, some awesome bean bags from a company called Cush Cush.

These are the comfiest, softest bean bags EVER and make for fabulous outdoor furniture during the fine weather.

I wanted to make some other cushions to go with the bean bags and found some fantastic canvas trim to use, during a catch-up with some fabulous women yesterday.

A quick trip to Spotlight for some coordinating canvas fabric and voila!!

Outdoor comfort for all!!

Have a great weekend.
I hope the sun is shining where you are.

Andi 🙂

EDIT 25/10/09 – Didn’t realise Karen was blogging too now. Sorry for the omission Karen!!!
And Thanks to Wendy for the link!!


I received some new books via Amazon the other day.

Both very inspirational with lots of techniques that “I’d like to try one day”.
If “one day” ever comes …

and …

Also, my sister has been clearing out her bookshelves and pulled aside some stuff she thought I might like.
I didn’t want to take anything because my house is already so cluttered.
But then I saw what she had in mind …

To the above photo I say …. “As if!!!”

The carpetting in the image above is hysterical, I think!!

and my favourite one ….. (I was a ’72 baby)


Do any of these make you squeal with delight?
I’d love to know!!

Andi 🙂

Problem solved

Thanks to those of you who offered solutions / ideas to this quilting problem.

In the end I decided to go with an upholstery weight fabric from Spotlight … cheap as chips and the girl just loves it!!

It even has a bit of sparkly glitter through it!!

(Hard to photograph the sparkle … but trust me!!)

Simply quilted and with matching binding …

Happiness is a colourful girly picnic rug!!!

Have a stitchin’ Tuesday!!

Andi 🙂