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One sewers trash …..

I’m always amazed by what gets left in the scrap bin at my stitching class at Amitie each week.

Look what I scored last Tuesday!!!!

These will most likely find their way into some stitched greeting cards, or maybe a quilt like this one … or perhaps this one!

Happy stitching.

Andi 🙂


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I don’t ever do ‘quilt-a-long’s. Too much pressure. Never enough time.

But here I am joining in with this.

Also, I don’t like blue. Never have.

But when I went in to Amitie today to purchase my fabrics for the quilt along, I ended up with these ….

I walked into the shop and said to myself:
“Whichever is the first fabric to catch my eye will be in the quilt and I will build the selection around that one”.

Here was my first choice:

and I simply had to add in all these …..

This will be the binding …..

Looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out …. if I can find the time!!

Andi 🙂

Edit: 20/5/09
For those of you wanting to know what all these fabrics are, I say …. “I’m not sure. They just looked pretty in the shop”. But the good news is that the shop liked this selection too and is turning them into a kit, so call up (or email) Amitie and ask them for more info.

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I’ll try to be brief.

Jake and Ella got their swap partners for the Great Kids Mail Swap.
They are very excited and have written / drawn their letters already.
Here they are ready to be stamped and sent.

Thursday night at Perle 8’s was very fun. Lots of lovely crafters were there, and I got to finish my mystery quilt.

It was inspired by this piece created by the fabulous Malka Dubrawsky.

It will be used as a Matzah cover for our family seder this Passover.

Here is the back with strips of Velcro up each side. (A bit tricky to see the white on white)

And here it is folded (and held together by the Velcro strips), ready to receive the 3 matzahs for the traditional meal.

Then ……..

All day yesterday and today, I attended a machine quilting course at Amitie, run by the fabulous Deborah Louie. I learned SOOOOOOO much!!!

What an amazing teacher!!

What an incredibly talented quilter! (Deb, not me, that is)

I have lots of practicing to do.

But first, I’ll be busy with other tasks this evening.

The tooth fairy is coming to our house for the first time tonight.

There is much excitement!!

I wonder what she will bring.

Sweet dreams and happy stitching.

Andi 🙂

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After a 3 week drought, I was very excited to get back to my Tuesday night ‘Stitch and Bitch’ class at Amitie.

It was lovely to see my very patient and talented teacher Judy again.
She has taught me so very much.

Numerous other happy patchers and quilters came along tonight.

(Note the empty champagne flutes).

And I got started on a new project for my mum’s birthday coming up in December.

I used a technique that I learned watching the (online) Quilt Show. This technique was described in the show that you can watch for free. (I hope the episode hasn’t changed).
In any case, I thought I’d show you how I do this gorgeous block.
It is a ‘Flying Geese’ block made (incredibly) with
only 1 seam!
Check this out …..
First, you cut your pieces.
I’ll give the dimensions for a finished block that is 3 inches x 6 inches.
You need two 3.5 inch squares that will make the corners of the block. And you need to cut a rectangle 3.5 inches x 6.5 inches, which will make the central triangle of the block.
These …

will eventually become these….

Here’s how …

Take the rectangle piece and fold it in half with the right side on the OUTSIDE.

Then make a sandwich with this folded rectangle as the ‘filling’, and 2 of the squares as the ‘bread’. The 2 squares should have their right sides facing INTO the sandwich.

You will notice that the folded rectangle is the same width as the squares but 1/4 inch shorter. Place the fold of the rectangle at the end with the 1/4 inch gap (see above).

Then, with the sandwich in this same position, sew a 1/4 inch seam down the right hand side of the sandwich. (Once you get used to this process, you can chain piece lots of blocks in one go).

That’s all the sewing. Amazing!!!

The magic happens with the ironing.
First, with the fold of the rectangle at the top of the block, iron out the right hand square.

Then, grab the bottom left hand corner of the folded rectangle and bring it over to the right hand side to make a folded triangle.

Iron this down ….

and voila!!!

You now have a block that can be joined together in any number of ways. Here’s how I have joined mine …

I’ll show you how the whole quilt will come together once I’ve done a bit more work on it.
In the meantime, time for me to get to bed.
Sleep well and happy quilting!
Andi 🙂

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