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I received some new books via Amazon the other day.

Both very inspirational with lots of techniques that “I’d like to try one day”.
If “one day” ever comes …

and …

Also, my sister has been clearing out her bookshelves and pulled aside some stuff she thought I might like.
I didn’t want to take anything because my house is already so cluttered.
But then I saw what she had in mind …

To the above photo I say …. “As if!!!”

The carpetting in the image above is hysterical, I think!!

and my favourite one ….. (I was a ’72 baby)


Do any of these make you squeal with delight?
I’d love to know!!

Andi 🙂


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Had a brilliant time today at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair with the lovely Kate from One Flew Over

You should have seen the queues to buy tickets:

At morning tea time, we caught up with some other lovely bloggy ladies (My camera didn’t take a great shot so pop over to Cathy’s for a better pic)

Front row (L-R):

Rita from Red Pepper Quilts, Lurline from Lurline’s Place, Kate and me.

Behind (L-R):

Rita’s sister Karen (a long arm quilter from Northcote who won some quilting awards at the show today), Muriel from Yellow Roses, Cathy from Cabbage Quilts, and Bronwyn from Whippet Good.

It was so lovely to meet up with some of the people I’ve only ever met on the interweb!! Thanks girls.

My credit card took a bit of a beating today.

I got some Applique Wonder and some Miracle Fabric Sheets …

… some divine books …

….. of course some fabric.
I found these beauties at Kelani Fabrics which is definitely a new favourite place to shop.

To add to this yummy haul, I bought some Valori Wells Urban Flannels to make a baby girl’s quilt.

Not bad for a morning’s shopping.

There were some lovely quilts on display as well. In particular there were some amazing log cabin quilts with the tiniest little logs (some as small as quarter of an inch).

Here is a montage of some of the quilts that caught my eye ….

Can I just say that although I appreciate the copyright issues being discussed of late on various blogs, I am of the belief that if you put your work up for public display, you can’t complain about people sharing images of your work (as long as no-one is profitting from your original designs).

So, please enjoy these images but don’t copy any original ideas and go off and make a squillion dollars selling them as your own.


Andi 🙂

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