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Winners all ’round

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel from Kate after I won her giveaway over at Fox’s Lane.
It’s ironic because Kate and I grew up together, grew apart in recent years and have reconnected via our craft blogs.

Here’s what I received:

  • A copy of her mum’s new book
  • A gorgeous crocheted (by Kate) flower brooch (that I have had to fight Ella for)
  • T-shirts for each of the kids screen printed by Kate
  • A cup cake tote bag for treasures

Here I am enjoying my brooch in the lovely Melbourne sunshine (welcome back Spring!!)

And here are some terrible shots of my kids in their t-shirts:

Ella is TOTALLY channelling Joe Cocker.

Separated at birth? Maybe!

In other news, I have finally finished the tote bag promised for my giveaway winner, blogless Jane. Jane asked for pinks and aquas but expressed a dislike for floral prints so I have gone for more geometric looking fabrics.

Fabrics are: Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks collection; Cathedral in Peony and Amy Butler’s Love collection; Sunspots in Turquoise.

I hope she likes it. But I could easily be tempted to hang on to it myself. (Only joking Jane)

Enjoy the sunshine.

Andi 🙂


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Breathe, Andi, breathe

I got home yesterday afternoon to find a note in my letterbox.
My fabrics from The Fabric Bee had arrived and were waiting to be picked up.

Breathe …..

Rush to the Post Office …..

Squeal ….

Breathe …..

19 yards of heaven.

Hyperventilate ….

Breathe ….

I got some new Amy Butlers

A couple of Jennifer Paginellis ….

Some cheap Katy Jump Rope

and a couple of retro flower prints …

Lynette‘s customer service was so amazing.
A quick response to say the order had shipped.
A prompt refund when she realised I had paid too much for shipping.
And ….

breathe ….

some bonus fat quarters, just because ….

Thankyou Lynette.

Just catching my breath now.

Andi 🙂

PS Have you entered my giveaway yet?

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I have been so completely intrigued by Rita’s brilliance with the half square triangle that I have been inspired to have a go myself.

The great thing about HSTs is the amazing variety of layouts you can choose.

I had a bit of a play with these designs:

and finally settled on this ….

Rita has inspired me in more ways than one:

I’m usually an incredibly lazy sewer but with this one I even trimmed my blocks!!!

I finished up the quilt top on the weekend.

The fabrics are mostly from my stash but the grey is a thrifted flat sheet from the oppy!!

The blocks are 6 inches cut (5.5 inches sewn).
The quilt is 14 blocks squared so (quick calculation …..) 77 inches squared.

I’m planning to hand quilt this one with lots of different coloured threads (to match the fabrics) in the grey areas. Thanks to Kate for that great idea!!!

Now I just need to buy some backing and wadding and get to basting (my least favourite job …. ugh!!!)

See you VERY soon with my first blogiversary giveaway.

Andi 🙂

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Whip up!!

Ella’s birthday is coming up next month.
She has asked for a rainbow quilt this year.

So this morning, I whipped this up …..

Squares are 8.5 inches cut.
48inches x 56 inches sewn.

Super quick and easy to throw together.

I’m considering turning it into a picnic rug for summer time tea parties.

Any suggestions for what to use on the under side?
Something water-proof-ish? Washable?

Andi 🙂

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One sewers trash …..

I’m always amazed by what gets left in the scrap bin at my stitching class at Amitie each week.

Look what I scored last Tuesday!!!!

These will most likely find their way into some stitched greeting cards, or maybe a quilt like this one … or perhaps this one!

Happy stitching.

Andi 🙂

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Lucky girl!!

So, I went to the Amitie sale a week or so ago and did some shopping for Kate because she was stranded with the kids and no car.

Little did I know, I was shopping for Amy and Sheridan too.
Look what they sent me to say ‘thanks’:

Sheridan (left) sent me some yellow Pez (because she is thoughtful and kind) and some Babushka fabric all wrapped up on some lovely ribbon and a sweet card.
Amy (right) (also thoughtful and kind) sent some funky squares fabric and some Babushka ribbon AND a card with her own softie creation on it.
(Funny how they both sent Babushka stuff. Love it!!)

Thanks to both of you. Anytime you want me to go fabric shopping on your behalf, just give a yell!! I had a ball!!

Also, here are some fabrics I’ve pulled out for a new quilt.

Quite a few reproduction vintage style fabrics, all small prints. Hmmm …. what could I be planning?

I plan to take them on our Noosa holiday in a couple of weeks so I’ll be hand piecing this one. (Another hint perhaps??)

Any suggestions for crafty things to do around Noosa?

Andi 🙂

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If I do say so myself ….

…. this is a pretty fabulous bag I’ve just made.

100% reversible.

Pockets inside ….

…. and out!

Love it!!

Happy stitching.

Andi 🙂

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