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We have just come back from a week in sunny Noosa.

It was a fantastic week to choose because Melbourne has just had one of the coldest September weeks on record.

There was much swimming …

Entertaining ….

(Making new friends on holidays was always the best!!!)

Some bushwalking ….

A sighting of the rare “Sunshine Coast Penis Tree” …..

Some Eumundi Market shopping ….

(I actually bought HEAPS more than this but didn’t get any photos)

There was much slack jawed TV watching ….

and happy snapping in the sunshine ….

Of course there was also a little stitching ….

No chance of going a whole week without some craftiness sneaking in.

Happy stitching.

Andi 🙂


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A first!

My little boy started school today. Am I still allowed to call him a little boy?

As you can see, drop-off went well. No tears!!

He settled easily and got stuck into the activities and making new friends …

After the parents were ‘shoo’d out of the classroom, we were greeted by the school’s Parents and Friends Association equipped with a range of ‘beverages’ to calm any anxious or tearful grown-ups.

I felt relatively OK about the whole thing. It helps that Jake has already been in full-time kinder for a year so I’m used to the idea of someone else looking after him during the day.

Also, I’m excited (and only a little anxious) for him. It’s a great new adventure and I think we have picked a wonderful school to meet his needs.

So, I’m OK. I hope he is OK too. Pick up in 2 hours!!!

Andi 🙂

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Since your birthday falls right in the middle of summer holidays (and most of your friends are away), we waited a few weeks to have your birthday party with your friends.

Here’s a vid so you can remember it forever.

For those of you who were there …. thank you so much for your kind wishes and great gifts …

  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Craft supplies
  • Clothes

Lucky boy!!! Happy boy!!!

Birthday boy!!!!

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Our big kinder girl

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Our Jake is 5. Happy birthday beautiful boy.

And here are some new photos of the kids’ new bedrooms.

(Cheap lighting from IKEA. LERVE IKEA!!!)

Happy quilting!!
Andi 🙂

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Well its about time I made another post!!! I’ve been unbearably busy in recent weeks:

  • Finishing up work/kindergarten/creche for the year
  • Hannukah and Christmas celebrations (Yes, we do have both. Long story!!)
  • Birthday celebrations (Happy birthday Mum!!))
  • New year’s celebrations
  • Going away on holidays
  • Creating new bedrooms for the little gingies (Not quite finished but here are a few teaser shots…)

Also, the quilt top completed in my last post is now a completed quilt ….

As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I have whipped up a new quilt top for Jake inspired by this (second quilt down: Judy’s ‘Town and Country’) …..

To all you lovely bloggers out there, Happy Hannukah/Christmas/whatever you celebrate.
Happy new year.
(I must say, I’m rather glad that the celebrations of recent weeks are all over. Now we can all get back to the important things …. SHOW ME THE QUILTING!!!)
Until next time, happy crafting.
Andi 🙂

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My how you’ve grown!!

And now you’ve turned into a beautiful fairy princess, aged 3!

The party room was filled with lots of food ….

and balloons ….

… family ……

… and friends …

Even Fairy Mary came along to play games and paint faces …..

Just look at all the beautiful faces she painted …

Then it was cake time …

… and after all that excitement, exhaustion set in …

Thankyou, thankyou to everyone who came and made Ella’s party such fun. She was very lucky to have so many visitors (who brought such lovely and thoughtful gifts).

If you would like to look at the whole album of photos, click here.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.

Much love,
Mummy 🙂

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