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Prep news

Where we live, ‘Prep’ is the first year of school (aged about 5 or 6).

Jake’s school had their school concert recently.

Here’s all the Preps singing My Cherie Amour (by Stevie Wonder)

Too cute!!

In other Prep news, one of the mums had her third baby recently … a girl.

Here’s a little gift I’ve made for the baby:

…. with a little blatant self-promotion for good measure!!

Hope you are having a good week.

Andi 🙂


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Well, she is now mine!!!!
Her name is ‘Beauty’ (named by my son, Jake) and she really is a beauty.

Here she is with Kate (of Kate’s Sewing Centre where I bought her)

And here she is at home in my sewing room

So far, she has been a rather busy girl …..

Bunting for Jake’s room (which I have been promising since January)

A bag for me ….

Mother’s Day presents for my mum …

…. and Dan’s mum …

(using this tutorial and this one)

She’s also done some quilting but that will have to wait until there’s a bit more to show.

My kids have been getting their creative mojos on too:

My little artists!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there.
Hope you get spoilt rotten!!

Andi 🙂

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This one has been a while coming. (See the end of this post for this quilt’s beginnings).

Lots of hand quilting has slowed me down somewhat.

But a long weekend away with extended family has given me some catchup quilting time.

This is the whole front …

… and the pieced back ….

Hope you all had a great long weekend with friends and family (and a little bit of chocolate indulgence)

Andi 🙂

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I’ll try to be brief.

Jake and Ella got their swap partners for the Great Kids Mail Swap.
They are very excited and have written / drawn their letters already.
Here they are ready to be stamped and sent.

Thursday night at Perle 8’s was very fun. Lots of lovely crafters were there, and I got to finish my mystery quilt.

It was inspired by this piece created by the fabulous Malka Dubrawsky.

It will be used as a Matzah cover for our family seder this Passover.

Here is the back with strips of Velcro up each side. (A bit tricky to see the white on white)

And here it is folded (and held together by the Velcro strips), ready to receive the 3 matzahs for the traditional meal.

Then ……..

All day yesterday and today, I attended a machine quilting course at Amitie, run by the fabulous Deborah Louie. I learned SOOOOOOO much!!!

What an amazing teacher!!

What an incredibly talented quilter! (Deb, not me, that is)

I have lots of practicing to do.

But first, I’ll be busy with other tasks this evening.

The tooth fairy is coming to our house for the first time tonight.

There is much excitement!!

I wonder what she will bring.

Sweet dreams and happy stitching.

Andi 🙂

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A first!

My little boy started school today. Am I still allowed to call him a little boy?

As you can see, drop-off went well. No tears!!

He settled easily and got stuck into the activities and making new friends …

After the parents were ‘shoo’d out of the classroom, we were greeted by the school’s Parents and Friends Association equipped with a range of ‘beverages’ to calm any anxious or tearful grown-ups.

I felt relatively OK about the whole thing. It helps that Jake has already been in full-time kinder for a year so I’m used to the idea of someone else looking after him during the day.

Also, I’m excited (and only a little anxious) for him. It’s a great new adventure and I think we have picked a wonderful school to meet his needs.

So, I’m OK. I hope he is OK too. Pick up in 2 hours!!!

Andi 🙂

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Since your birthday falls right in the middle of summer holidays (and most of your friends are away), we waited a few weeks to have your birthday party with your friends.

Here’s a vid so you can remember it forever.

For those of you who were there …. thank you so much for your kind wishes and great gifts …

  • Books
  • Puzzles
  • Activities
  • Games
  • Craft supplies
  • Clothes

Lucky boy!!! Happy boy!!!

Birthday boy!!!!

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Our Jake is 5. Happy birthday beautiful boy.

And here are some new photos of the kids’ new bedrooms.

(Cheap lighting from IKEA. LERVE IKEA!!!)

Happy quilting!!
Andi 🙂

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