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Remember this?
Well, a girl finally arrived by the name of Tali Hannah Barnett.

This is her new quilt.

It is my first attempt at straight line quilting (and it is by no means perfect) but I’m rather pleased with the overall result.

The back is a sweet pink gingham.

All ready for delivery.

Andi 🙂


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I finished my Wonderland Squares quilt this morning.

It is hand quilted ….

with a cheater patchwork backing ….

and a scrappy binding ….

How does it look on my yellow couch?

Or is this better?


Andi 🙂

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….for my new baby to arrive…… TOMORROW!!!!

She will be a VERY busy member of our household.
What should we name her?

Andi 🙂

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I know 3 pregnant women at the moment.

One of them has to have a girl, right?

Edit: 30/4/09 – First of the babies arrived today …… boy!

(Louise, one down and 2 to go before you score this one!!!)

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