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Well, she is now mine!!!!
Her name is ‘Beauty’ (named by my son, Jake) and she really is a beauty.

Here she is with Kate (of Kate’s Sewing Centre where I bought her)

And here she is at home in my sewing room

So far, she has been a rather busy girl …..

Bunting for Jake’s room (which I have been promising since January)

A bag for me ….

Mother’s Day presents for my mum …

…. and Dan’s mum …

(using this tutorial and this one)

She’s also done some quilting but that will have to wait until there’s a bit more to show.

My kids have been getting their creative mojos on too:

My little artists!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there.
Hope you get spoilt rotten!!

Andi 🙂


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Our Jake is 5. Happy birthday beautiful boy.

And here are some new photos of the kids’ new bedrooms.

(Cheap lighting from IKEA. LERVE IKEA!!!)

Happy quilting!!
Andi 🙂

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Well its about time I made another post!!! I’ve been unbearably busy in recent weeks:

  • Finishing up work/kindergarten/creche for the year
  • Hannukah and Christmas celebrations (Yes, we do have both. Long story!!)
  • Birthday celebrations (Happy birthday Mum!!))
  • New year’s celebrations
  • Going away on holidays
  • Creating new bedrooms for the little gingies (Not quite finished but here are a few teaser shots…)

Also, the quilt top completed in my last post is now a completed quilt ….

As if I don’t have enough on my plate, I have whipped up a new quilt top for Jake inspired by this (second quilt down: Judy’s ‘Town and Country’) …..

To all you lovely bloggers out there, Happy Hannukah/Christmas/whatever you celebrate.
Happy new year.
(I must say, I’m rather glad that the celebrations of recent weeks are all over. Now we can all get back to the important things …. SHOW ME THE QUILTING!!!)
Until next time, happy crafting.
Andi 🙂

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