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Whip up!!

Ella’s birthday is coming up next month.
She has asked for a rainbow quilt this year.

So this morning, I whipped this up …..

Squares are 8.5 inches cut.
48inches x 56 inches sewn.

Super quick and easy to throw together.

I’m considering turning it into a picnic rug for summer time tea parties.

Any suggestions for what to use on the under side?
Something water-proof-ish? Washable?

Andi 🙂


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I really prefer giving a handmade gift.

But once the boys get a bit older, I find it hard to make them something they can appreciate and use, and not find too ‘babyish’.
They tend to prefer something they can build and smash apart again!!!

My son was invited to three 6-year old boys parties this week.

Here’s what I came up with …

At least I know the mums will appreciate them.

What ideas do you have for gifts for 6-year old boys?

All suggestions muchly appreciated!!!

Andi 🙂

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Prep news

Where we live, ‘Prep’ is the first year of school (aged about 5 or 6).

Jake’s school had their school concert recently.

Here’s all the Preps singing My Cherie Amour (by Stevie Wonder)

Too cute!!

In other Prep news, one of the mums had her third baby recently … a girl.

Here’s a little gift I’ve made for the baby:

…. with a little blatant self-promotion for good measure!!

Hope you are having a good week.

Andi 🙂

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Andi 🙂

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Charming birdies!!!

Some dear friends of ours are moving to live overseas next week.

I used some Prints Carming blocks to make something for each of their 2 little people to decorate their new bedroom.

Andi 🙂

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My first piece of improv.
(Made entirely from the scrap box).

Andi 🙂

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Made myself a Biscornu pincushion today using this tutorial.

Fabric is from the Wonderland range by MoMo.

Also using the same fabrics (2 charm packs and a jelly roll plus some linen from Amitie), I made this quilt top …..

Now I just need to baste, quilt and bind. No biggie!!


Also, I made another one of these for another gift …..

A couple of people have asked me for a tutorial on this one. It’s in the pipelines but I haven’t yet perfected the method.
Need to make a couple more, me thinks.

(What is the ettiquette for offering a tutorial for something that wasn’t your idea in the first place?)

On the back, I gave it a label …. (Sorry about the blurry shot).

To make the label, I used this tutorial that I found via Bec’s blog.

That’s all for now.

I’m off to bed.

Happy stitchin’.

Andi 🙂

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