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Feels like a while since I’ve posted about a quilt.

So here’s my latest quilty finish …

It’s a wall hanging for my sewing room.

I found the images for each block using this Flickr tool, then printed each image onto fabric sheets.
Easy DIY fabric designs!!!

I enjoyed hand quilting this one too!

I’ve called it “Flickr Flowers”.

Hope you have a great weekend.
I will be flat out in bed trying to shake off a persistent lurgy!!!

Happy stitching!
Andi 🙂


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Camille over at Simplify and Carrie over at La Vie En Rosie have had a very cute idea.

Quilters share pictures of their first quilt and most recent quilt and tell about something they have learned along the way.

Well, my first quilt is yet to be quilted. I pieced a queen sized quilt top BY HAND!!!! And now I hate it so much I can’t bring myself to quilt it …. or even photograph it to show you.

So, I tought I’d show you the next quilt ….. the first one I actually finished …. in September 2000.

This used to hang right in front of our bed and my partner found the kaleidoscope pattern quite meditative so it has been named “The Meditation Quilt”.

Even though it has lots of mistakes (see inner border, bottom-left, as a classic example) and the fabric choices are no longer my ‘pick’, I still love this quilt for its richness of colour and its place in my quilting history.

More recently, I completed this quilt:

It was created in honour of the Old Red Barn Co‘s recent quilt along.

The fabric choices have changed, the stitching is more precise (having discovered the joys of a quarter inch foot) but one of the biggest differences between these 2 quilts is that the second one is quilted by ME!!!

In recent years I have learned how to quilt (both by hand and machine). I really love it.
There is something so special when every stitch in a quilt is stitched by you.

If you haven’t tried quilting and are addicted to machine quilting services (like I was), please have a go at quilting your own work. Find a great teacher or mentor to show you the ropes and enjoy the satisfaction of sewing every stitch …. yourself.

Andi 🙂

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We are getting married in a couple of weeks. (Not that I’m stressed or anything)

My cousin and her husband (Rabbi Ian) are coming all the way from Leeds (yes, in the UK) to Melbourne to celebrate with us (and to perform the ceremony).

As a token of our huge appreciation, I have decided to give them my ‘Old Red Barn quilt along’ – quilt (nearly finished now) and a matching Challah cover.

Challah is the traditional egg loaf eaten by Jews as part of the Friday night sabbath (Shabbat) meal.

The front has the word “Shabbat” appliqued on it in Hebrew lettering.

A floral quilting pattern…

and a plain cream backing

It measures 16 inches by 21 inches.

I hope they like it.

Andi 🙂

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I’m up to speed on the Old Red Barn CompanyQuilt Along

Front …..

Back ….

Hand quilted ….

And ready for binding ….


Andi 🙂

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Remember this?
Well, a girl finally arrived by the name of Tali Hannah Barnett.

This is her new quilt.

It is my first attempt at straight line quilting (and it is by no means perfect) but I’m rather pleased with the overall result.

The back is a sweet pink gingham.

All ready for delivery.

Andi 🙂

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I finished my Wonderland Squares quilt this morning.

It is hand quilted ….

with a cheater patchwork backing ….

and a scrappy binding ….

How does it look on my yellow couch?

Or is this better?


Andi 🙂

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….for my new baby to arrive…… TOMORROW!!!!

She will be a VERY busy member of our household.
What should we name her?

Andi 🙂

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